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ZUCCHETTI | 53 Greene Str. - New York

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n 53 Greene project design integrity means so much more than creating resonance between ancient design principles and modern functional tools.

53 Greene Street combines the extraordinary visions of two award-winning architecture firms RSVP Architecture Studio and N-Plus Architecture and Design.
They preserved the stately dimensions and impeccably integrated details of the building's classic Beaux-Arts exterior that graces this Soho Street.
The wide historic facade discreetly contraposes a comprehensive state of the art interior, completely rebuilt to take advantage of the available voluminous dimensions of yesteryear, while providing with all the comfort and convenience modern technology can deliver. The most noble materials committed to a sophisticated design aesthetic.
Hallmark of superior design are consistency of scale and purpose, aesthetics of detail, a rare sensitivity to materials.
The goal has been to integrate a classic exterior that subtly enhances the streetscape with a highly functional interior dedicated to providing an impeccable setting for an elite lifestyle.
The design of the top floor of the building revolves around the idea of interior and outdoor as complementary spaces.
The extensive glass openings, in addition to offering an extraordinary view of downtown Manhattan, link visually and functionally the penthouse to the terraces that surround it.
Once the massive glass doors slide open the space becomes a continuum. The resulting open plan can be seasonally furnished as a lounge with its centerpiece being the covered patio boasting a generous dining area with fireplace.

In 53 Greene Street bathrooms different Zucchetti faucets collections have been used: Aguablu, Jingle and Faraway perfectly match with the elegant and refined metropolitan interiors.